Who is the Aam Aadmi?

A political fad these days,  how could I resist? So after having several months of discussion with several people who support Aam Aadmi & those who do not (the Jungli variety, uncultured people who want to give the country into the hands of corrupt people), I have been able to finally categorize AAP supporters into the following 5 criteria. Let me know what you think & what category you fall into.

  • The idealists:

    Simply for the lack of any other idealistic leader, they follow whoever says they’re idealistic. “Kuchh to kar raha hai”, they say. The older ones know the perils of over-trusting people but their romanticism of ideals still forces them to try. The younger ones have never been burnt before so its like their first love. From the get-go you’ll see that their heart is in the right place but they are very susceptible to be blind to the flaws of their love. The intense media scrutiny will ensure these will leave the ship when they see their ideals being destroyed, but sadly the heartbreak shall be brutal.

  • The Opportunist:

    They don’t care about anything the party stands for. Joined only because its a new party, greater chance of a political career aka shortcut to becoming an MLA/MP. They will never be mere supporters or armchair activists. They’ll be extremely active, trying to rise the ranks playing their part perfectly. They are shrewd & are deeply aware of the flaws of the party. They’ll get the job done, won’t blink once before using crook but will be acutely aware of their political image. It will exactly be what the party admires a person for. AAP wants Saaf image, they’ll give you the Tide Safedi. Even if the party fails, they’ll be stalwarts with decent following by that time and other parties will handle them like hot pancake. The longer the party survives, the better their chances of rising. Will clearly be the best workers in the party.

  • The Dejected:

    These are traditional Congress supporters who admire Congress for their amazing liberal qualities like secularism, feminism, modernism, liberalism etc (PS: add pseudo- or selective- before each quality if you are an Internet Yindoo). Congress’ poor show and constant rejection from across quarters has made them sort of homeless coz they cannot publicly praise Congress without being laughed or yelled at. Enter dreamland – AAP. Its everything Congress was & is saintly too. Win – Win ! Whats more, they can continue to bash BJP supporters as communal 🙂

  • The idiots:

    AAP supporters please note – this is the group that earned you the name  “AAPtards”. They never knew anything about politics, nor will they ever know about it. Funnily enough, they don’t have one iota of intention of knowing about it either. They used to sleep in on voting holidays before this. But one stormy night, one friend sat over drinks (possibly The idealist)  & started pouring his heart out on why AAP has changed his life, why its his only hope for this country, why his life has meaning now etc. Lo & Behold ! The idiot also wants to feel pious and holy. He hugs the friend & joins AAP on his smartphone! He is the only nationalist now. Everyone else who question AAP are un-nationalist idiots who want to sell their country. The country has only one problem Corruption (or whatever Arvind will take up after he puts all these corrupt people in jail).

    Sadly, at first look, its very hard to distinguish The Idealist from The Idiot (no offense, Idealists), but thats understandable because the idiot was amused by the lofty phrases the idealist tends to use and repeats them. Often that trick works! However, I’d strongly suggest people to try going deeper in to discussion to distinguish the two. The idiot as expected would know nothing but the idealist would have some idea of what they’re talking about.

  • The Confused Congress-hater:

    A traditional BJP supporter and loathes the Congress. Seeing the media hype, they started looking into AAP.. Were unimpressed initially – especially when Arvind targeted Modi/Batla House/Letter to Muslims/Tauqeer Raza etc. Then AAP changed tunes, “Arvind for CM, Modi for PM” they said. Having no affection towards Delhi BJP (quite rightly so), they turned towards this utopian goal of supporting both Arvind & BJP. These people will like/share/tweet both pro-AAP & pro-BJP posts but if a BJP supporter tries to bash AAP, they’ll go anti-BJP. When the discussion reaches Modi, they’ll end the sentence with “I am going to vote Modi for PM”. Nothing confuses them more than AAP’s socialistic economic policies. So they come up with sentences like, “AAP has its flaws”, “those policies are only half-implemented”, “give them 6 months”, “there is no problem with subsidy”, “BJP does subsidies too!”, “electricity & water are essential for life so subsidy is ok”.. etc etc. Very easy to spot.

You ask who I am? None of the above –  I am Bhartiya Janta, not Aam Aadmi. Yes, the Jungli variety 🙂


Author: nehasri

Interested in Science, Religion, Politics, History, Literature, Technology - opinions strictly my own.

13 thoughts on “Who is the Aam Aadmi?”

  1. Right on and these categories exist are not limited to just AAP but infact every other party.
    The idiots/idealists are the most prevalent on the internet who believe only the convenient facts ignoring the harsh truth. And because these people are new to politics, unaware of the nuances, they tend to be aggressive regarding their views.

  2. Fabulous, Loved your clear analysis.. Unfortunately the media are making mountains out of the molehill that AAP truly is…. Let’s hope for a truly enlightened electorate and an election that will really free India from the rapacious rule of the last 6 decades…

    1. Where exactly did in my post did I say, AAP supporters weren’t? Read the category of Idealists, I have a lot of respect for their beliefs, but I am afraid they are on the wrong track and will soon see a disappointment.

  3. AAP *Total Revolution* stands for complete change in our decaying political, governance, economical and administrative system. India is fighting for life of Dignity, Equality and Prosperity for all Indian Citizens’ under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal.

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