A conscious attempt is being made lately to discourage the pride, the loyalty and the respect we have for our motherland and its constitution and we will not allow it. As an Indian, I am proud of my country. Our freedom fighters fought to free India from the shackles of the British, they fought for justice, for our rights and for our civil liberties. We have reached such a stage where people are undermining India’s strongest pillars, the army and the police. The time has come that we unite against the forces detrimental to the idea of India and undermine its sovereignty. We the people of India stand against anarchy, in support of the forces that unite India and keep us going.

This small #RejectAnarchy effort stands as proof that the dastardly attempts by the “revolutionary anarchic” leaders to subdue or tarnish the image of the armed forces will not succeed. India will not see a Tehrir Square, India will not become Syria.

 Our system may not be perfect, but with an able and strong leadership at the helm, we shall soon overcome the problems and shine to the world once again as an example.
Today is an auspicious day for our country. On this day, 64 years ago, our nation received its voice. We spoke to the world, and we gave our collective conscience a face, the Constitution of India. We told the world that we are a Democratic Republic who stands for Equality, Justice, Fraternity and Liberty, and that shall forever represent India’s collective conscience.
Today, The current President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, addressed the nation and gave us some gems to cherish and remember forever.
  • Our security and armed forces, backed by the steel of popular support, have proved that they can crush an enemy within; with as much felicity as they guard our frontiers. Mavericks who question the integrity of our armed services are irresponsible and should find no place in public life. – President of India
  • Government is not a charity shop. Populist anarchy cannot be a substitute for governance – President of India
  • Equally dangerous is the rise of hypocrisy in public life. Elections do not give any person the licence to flirt with illusions. – President of India
  • The aspirational young Indian will not forgive a betrayal of her future. Those in politics should understand that every election comes with a warning sign: perform, or perish.  – President of India
  • Give the young jobs and they will raise the villages and cities to 21st century standards. Give the young a chance and you will marvel at the India they can create.  – President of India
Lets join hands in saluting the bravery, courage and sacrifice of our armed forces: Police, Army, Navy, Air Force and paramilitary forces and re-kindle our love for our country, and in the words of the President of India,
“We must re-discover that sense of national purpose and patriotism, which lifts the nation above and across the abyss; and back on to the road of prosperity.”
This is what our Constitution stands for and we are proud of it. No one, absolutely no one gets the right to disrespect it.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY, of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;


Jai Hind !

Author: nehasri

Interested in Science, Religion, Politics, History, Literature, Technology - opinions strictly my own.


  1. Surprising to see supporter of a 1000+MLA across countries with 1000+crore money is busy focusing on a ‘non existent’ AAP.

    3 Blogs for AAP. Well done!
    If half the efforts were put to keep up BJP to better standard, AAP was not needed.
    Also, people who think BJP is super good are not connected with day to day reality of BJP leaders.

    P.S. – I come from M.P. Mr. Chouhan’s place.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am well aware of the reality of BJP and I don’t think in any of my blogs I indicated they were super good. I have a serious problem with self-sanctimoniousness though. There was never a “need” for AAP, it emerged because of personal greed and ambitions of a few people who were finding it difficult to make foray into traditional politics. And by the way, those who think AAP is super good are not connected with day to day reality of AAP ground leaders.

      PS: I come from UP

      I’ll leave you with this thought.

      Self-declared saints are often more dangerous than a common criminal for the former hide in plain sight & fools multitudes.

  2. Nice. A couple of quick points though.
    1. The word ‘Secular’ was added to the preamble by a bunch of pseudo-seculars by the 42nd Amendment to the constitution in 1976. The original framers were much more ‘communal’ than the secular lobby spearheaded by the Congress.
    2. Kejri closely resembles Gandhi – Changes views all too quickly, tries to show he is poor and is an anarchist. The last one is important even when Ambedkar warned against Gandhi’s nautanki(dharna/fasting) which he rightly thought would be tantamount to arm-twisting the government of the day.
    3. These ‘revolutions’ seem very romantic at first. But there are two common characteristics to these revolutions: One, they quickly snowball into something bigger, much bigger than what the leaders who initiated it, can control. Two, once they are over, they leave the country in a limbo – see what is happening in Egypt, Ukraine etc.

    Madam I incidentally stumbled upon your blog am only making limited points to perhaps put weight behind what you have already said above.

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