Hum bhi dekhenge…

बुतों की ताक़त से हुये ख़ाक करोड़ों ग़ाजी,
तुम मौत़ के फ़रिश्ते क्या डराअाेगे …
जिस हिन्द की मुकद्दस मिट्टी से उठते हैं ये बुत,
उसी मिट्टी में, सनम़, तुम भी दफनाये जाओगे …


Crores of Ghazis were destroyed by the power of these same idols,
You angels of death don’t scare them,
The pure, holy, pious soil of Hind, from which these idols rise,
Is the same soil where you’ll end up resting for eternity.

Original composition created by yours truly in response to Ms Rana Ayyub sharing a few chosen lines from famous Pakistani poet Faiz’s composition “Hum dekhenge“. While Faiz’s poetry was written against the tyranny of Zia Ul Haq’s autocracy, the choice of lines by Ms Ayyub, in an obviously Indian context, told a different story. Hence, my response.



Author: nehasri

Interested in Science, Religion, Politics, History, Literature, Technology - opinions strictly my own.

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